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When you are new to childcare, for most families the cost of childcare is an additional expense not often accounted for within the family budget. Understanding how this additional cost can impact on the family we run a new enrolments program for the first month of your enrolment. All new families or families returning with additional children may qualify for up to 20 days of assisted fee relief sponsored by us. Please contact the centre for more information on our current offer. Terms and Conditions do apply.

Government Subsidy Childcare Fee Assistance​

Childcare payments can be quite daunting and confusing when you are a new parent using this form of care. For most families the fee charged for care is NOT what you actually pay. Your actual our out of pocket childcare fee is determined by the percentage of government funding you qualify for.  CCB (Childcare Benefit) and / or CCR (Childcare Rebate) are Commonwealth Government subsidies provided to assist families with their out of pocket expenses for childcare fees.  The amount of your subsidy is paid direct to the centre and deducted from the actual fee charged. For example if the centre fee is $110 and your government subsidies total $90 your out of pocket payment to the centre will be $20. Each family is assessed individually against specific criteria. You can apply for these payments at the Family Assistance Office or we will help you with an application. Once you have received your assessment we will be able to provide you with an ESTIMATE of your out of pocket expenses. *** Please note childcare CCR & CCB payments can change depending on your individual families assessment criteria which will adjust your actual out of pocket payments paid to the Centre. As this is a government funded subsidy it is automatically applied to your account and the Centre has no control on the amount paid.

It is advised that you lodge your CCB application prior to your child’s enrolment at the Centre. The Centre is only able to reduce your fees on receipt of your childcare assessment notice, without this assessment notice full fees apply. 

Other Childcare Fee Assisted Options ​

Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance (JETCCFA) provides parents an opportunity to improve their skills and job prospects by providing additional child care assistance

Grandparent Child Care Benefit covers the full cost of the total fee charged – up to 50 hours for each child per week in your care. To Qualify for the Grandparent Childcare Benefit you must meet the assessment criteria. 

On July 2nd 2018 changes to the current CCB – CCR etc will take effect and be known as Childcare Subsidy ( CCS). More information on the new assessment and % payment criteria is available at the centre.

Paying Your Childcare Account

Understanding how busy you are we use an automated invoicing and direct debit payment system giving you peace of mind that your childcare account is paid on time. Families can nominate to pay their account by using either a cheque or savings account or by credit card. Applications and agreements to pay via our direct debit system are available to complete in our online enrolment form application. One off payments due to exceptional circumstances can be arranged direct with the centre.

Invoices are emailed to families on Fridays with the amount due being deducted from your nominated account on the following Wednesday allowing plenty of time to ensure funds are available. Our software provider permits parent online access to their account anywhere anytime so you are able to view all areas concerning your account from booked days to your childcare subsidy payments.

You have the option to nominate the frequency to pay your account either weekly , fortnightly or monthly to fit within your own pay cycle. All accounts are paid in advance and is determined by the pay payment frequency nominated. Full Instructions and the terms and conditions of our invoicing and payment policy are available at Lollipops.