Through your child we see our future and our future will be determined by your child belonging, being and becoming

Lollipops Essentials Pack

At Lollipops we are committed to ensuring that your child feels they Belong to part of our Family. They will be welcomed with big smiles lots of laughter and be included in everything we do at the centre specific to their age.

Once your child has been accepted and approved to enrol at Lollipops they will be presented with our Lollipops Essentials Pack. The pack includes the three essential items every child needs to start their first day at Lollipops. A Back Pack in a choice of blue or green, a Drink Bottle and a Legionnaires Cap. The pack is our gift to you and your child which will create a sense of Belonging reducing those first butterflies and anxieties your child may experience when taking those first steps in their Early Learning Journey.


Children are very busy people getting on with the business of learning. They love to push their limits and abilities attempting new and exciting things. At our Centre your child’s day is filled with learning experiences designed to enhance their development. From our Babies age group to School age group, children have learning programs tailored for them that enriches their day and development. Each day is different covering the basics in educational learning like reading- numbers-maths and spelling all taught in a fun and playful way.  Children love to show off their achievements and share what they have learnt. 

At Lollipops we are not just a Daycare Centre we are also an Early Learning Centre. We encourage and support your child’s learning every step of the way from Birth to Kindy Age. Ensuring they meet the educational requirements so they can become confident and successful before they transition to School.

Activities and Learning

Different activities are programmed by our educational team after taking inspiration from your child’s interests. Your child will experience outdoor and indoor play. Even in play your child is learning. While playing on the swings- jumping- climbing crawling through a tunnel your child is developing important skills. Participating in group play teaches life skills like sharing, co-operation and respecting others.

Special Experiences

Throughout the year your child will have the opportunity to experience incursions at the Centre with visits from our local emergency services men and woman from  ambulance-police-firemen.  Your child will be able to share with you their real experiences about seeing inside an ambulance or police car and playing on a fire engine.


Special excursions and incursions are organised that your child will have the opportunity to participate in like visiting the dinosaurs, hatching our own chickens, happy feet and yoga classes.

Life Skills

Learning life skills is an important part of your child’s learning journey. Children at our Centre regularly participate in cooking activities. These are done through both role playing and real cooking experiences. We incorporate fruits and vegetables that the children have cultivated in our Centres garden.  Our meal times are treated as social occasions and we encourage the children to serve themselves. In addition to personal Hygiene activities like hand washing we incorporate teeth Hygiene having classes in cleaning and the importance of eating apple and cheese after our meals.