Through your child we see our future and our future will be determined by your child belonging, being and becoming

Lollipops Educator Team

We are very proud of our educators who work at Lollipops and can boast that your child will be able to experience the security and stability of our childcare family.  You can feel confident that your child will be growing up with familiar faces and know that he/she will be loved and cared for just like home. At lollipops we don’t just talk about our educators being dedicated and motivated we practise it. Most of our educators have been at Lollipops caring for the children and supporting their families living in the area for over 15 year and up to 22 years which is a great testament to their values and dedication.   

Many of our staff come from diverse back grounds and speak a number of languages. This provides a great platform in understanding different cultures and assists children to feel part of the community particularly if their family are new Australians. We even have family members working together at the centre highlighting how much we practise family values, promoting the support and stability that every child is entitled to have.

Our educators goals are to provide a complete learning and safe environment for the children under their care both structured and spontaneous . 

Lili - Nominated Supervisor

Welcome to Lollipops I am your Centre Director. I started my career at Lollipops in 1996 which gives me over 22 years of experience. During that time I have cared for hundreds of children. Many of the children I cared for in my early years as an Educator, at Lollipops, remain living in the area and now have children of their own who attend or have attended Lollipops. We are a very family focused centre and as you will read in my staff profiles we are one of the few centres in Perth that has many long serving employees.  Having so many employees who have dedicated their careers to Lollipops gives children an extended family connection offering the stability and security they need knowing they will see familiar faces all day every day. 

Part of my role as a Centre Director is to ensure that both you and your child or children have wonderful experiences whilst in our care. Our program offers children the flexibility to be spontaneous encouraging them to share their own experiences learning through play. We also practise a partially structured program ensuring that all development stages are achieved allowing us to reflect on your child’s progress. 

As well as being the Centre Director, I am a Diploma Qualified Educator and have a Bachelor of Social Science in Children’s Studies ( early childhood teacher) overseeing and supporting the preschool program in our Kindy room. 

At Lollipops we have an open door Policy throughout the centre so if you have any questions about the centre, my staff or the programming I am only too happy to help. Please come and see me anytime.

Roz - Qualified Educator

I have over 17 years experience in the childcare industry starting my career in the country town of Geraldton. I joined Lollipops in 2004 and have remained with the centre for over 14 years. During that time I have worked across all age groups and whilst I love each development stage, my passion remains with the Babies age group. Each day brings new challenges as your child reaches each milestone in their development from beginning as a small bundle of joy to sitting, eating, crawling, walking and talking. The highlight of my day is being able to share in these experiences with my families. At Lollipops I have been working with the Babies age group since 2006 and became the Qualified Room Leader in 2009 after achieving my Diploma in Children's Services.
I look forward to you visiting me

Nic - Qualified Educator

Hello I am your Assistant Centre Director when Lili is having a break. You will find me in the Toddlers room as I am also their Qualified Room Leader so feel free to speak to me if you have any queries about the centre. I joined Lollipops in 2001 and have met many families through working with their children over the last 18 years. The Toddlers age is a wonderful and exciting time for children they are able to really begin to show their personality and individualism . They learn the importance of friendship and develop strong bonds with others attending the centre. Everyday I see changes in each child's potential as they learn new things about themselves, each other and the environment. It is wonderful to be part of their development encouraging them to work and play with their friends or by themselves.

Nat - Qualified Educator

Hello I am your Kindy Room Educator. I previously worked at Lollipops as a Diploma Qualified, prior to starting my own family. When I started to have my own children I took a break from full time work but remained in contact with the staff. In 2018 I was lucky enough to be offered a full time position back at the Centre re-joining the Lollipops Family. My daughters also attend the centre using our before and after school care. Going back to work at Lollipops was like returning home after a long holiday the decor had changed but the family remained.
Even my Mum and sister work at Lollipops so it really is a true family.

Come and see me when your in the centre I would love to meet your son or daughter.

Amy - Qualified Educator

Welcome to my room I am the Qualified Room Leader for the Kindy Room. I joined the team at Lollipops in 2009 gaining experience across the different age groups from our Babies to our School age children. In 2014 I achieved my Diploma in Children's Services for early childhood and care. The Kindy age children are a diverse group who have really begun to mature developing their own personalities and traits. This age sees children asking many questions, experimenting and challenging the world around them. I love being able to talk to my families about how their child has progressed and what interests they have shown throughout the day. It is very rewarding to see those smiles as they complete difficult tasks and are very excited to share them with me their friends and you

Sue - Centre Chef

Hello I am your onsite Chef. I have been working at Lollipops for over 16 years starting as a casual and cooking. During that time I have also completed my Certificate 3 in Children's studies which gives me more flexibility and I can work directly with your children. I am responsible for preparing the menu and cooking those delicious meals for your child. As with all operational areas of Lollipops we encourage parent input so if you have any suggestions regarding the menu please feel free to speak to me. If your child requires a specific meal plan to follow any cultural, allergy or diet plans such as vegan - vegetarian I am only too happy to work with you.

Jess - Cert 3 Educator

Jess is currently on Maternity Leave preparing to have her first child. We all wish her good fortune and Happiness and cant wait to see the new Lollipops addition.

I began my career at Lollipops in 2011 and achieved my Certificate 3 in Children's studies in 2014. Working at Lollipops is like being part of one big family. In fact my mum Sue the chef also works here and on occasion you might see my sister who is the Diploma Qualified in charge of the Kindy room. Primarily I work with Nic in the Toddlers room but like all staff at Lollipops I am able to work in different rooms giving me experience across different age groups.

Mel - Cert 3 Educator

I started working casually at Lollipops in 2014 and I now have a part time position at the centre. I completed my Certificate 3 qualification in Children Services in 2014. Currently I am gaining experience throughout the centre working with all age groups and getting to know how it all runs, although you will often find me in the babies room. I look forward to meeting you when you next visit us at Lollipops.

Alicia- Cert 3 Educator

Hi there I have been working at Lollipops since 2013 and in between started my own family. I work part time and float between all the age group rooms. I am an experienced Cert 3 having achieved my qualifications in 2008. Like all of the Lollipops staff we each have many years of experience in caring for your child or children.

Jessica- Cert 3 Educator

Hello I am one of the newbys at Lollipops only starting in 2017. So unlike many of the Lollipops Family I am a baby when it comes to working at the centre. I work with all of the age groups at Lollipops which gives me diversity and variety throughout the week. I hope to see you soon