Through your child we see our future and our future will be determined by your child belonging, being and becoming

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At Lollipops we open our doors all year round so you don't have to worry about extended closure periods during school holidays or Christmas.

Our doors are open Monday to Friday at 6.30am and close at 6.00pm

Closed Gazetted WA Public Holidays

Long day childcare is available to all age groups and is a set full day fee less any childcare benefits you are entitled too. You may arrive at the centre to drop off or collect your child any time between the hours of 6.30am and 6pm. While your child is with us they will be offered a variety of meals including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, a late snack and milk all included in your daily fee. During the day your child has access to many exciting activities that will be both planned and spontaneous which are appropriate to each child's age and development stage. Individual Family routines for rest, relaxation and meals are followed to ensure consistency with your home schedules, particularly in the Babies age group. Your child will also experience a mixture of interesting and educational incursions throughout the year such as egg hatcheries and silk worm projects along with visits from our emergency personnel like police, ambulance and firemen at no extra cost. During the year your child will also experience many age appropriate external excursions like dinosaurs and visits to other centres for incursion activities.

Additional classes available for long day care children include Happy Feet Dance and Yoga. The fee charged for these additional classes is paid directly to the organiser we at Lollipops do not charge any premium fee for hosting the activity.

Many children find the transition from long day care to school an exciting but daunting experience. They are no longer the oldest children in the group but are suddenly the youngest. To assist with the transition we are happy to accommodate you with our before or after school care service. This type of care is especially convenient for families who also require long day childcare for a sibling providing one drop off and collection point. We will take your school aged child from the centre to school and collect when school finishes. You can choose to have your child enrolled only in our before school or after school time slot or both. It is up to you and we will fit within your work - study schedule. Before school children will have the opportunity to have breakfast before they are taken to school and those children attending after school will be supplied afternoon tea and a late snack. By utilising our Before and After school service parents have peace of mind that their child continues to mix with other children of similar ages and development progress. This reduces the opportunities for children to learn those habits they are not ready to be exposed too that can be passed on from older children in care arrangements catering to children up to 12 years of age. If you would like to have homework completed at the centre we are only too happy to assist giving both you and your child more quality time together at home. Orientation days for our Kindy age group getting ready to move to primary school are also conducted towards the end of each school year so that your child is more comfortable with the transition.

Mmmm not sure what to choose. Come and see us we offer a variety of other Childcare options specifically designed to take the worry out of planning your day or week.

Occasional Care. This is for when you need an additional long day care day outside of your normal booking. Perfect for when you get an extra shift at work or need to really study for that exam. 

Half Day Care. Don’t need a full day just the morning or afternoon to get to that appointment or have lunch with the girls. 

Vacation Care. OMG school holidays again or that Pupil free day you forgot about. Give us a call we are open all year round.

Spaces are limited but we will do our best. Advanced notice always helps secure a place especially for holiday periods. But if you are stuck give us a call I’m sure we can help you out.