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Feed Me - feedAustralia

Every parent knows that there are times when children can be difficult to please when it comes to eating. It can be a constant battle to find nutritious and inviting meals that give your child variety and help to expand their taste preferences. All Our meals and snacks are prepared daily on site by our chef using WA produce. Depending on the season we also use our own home grown fruit and vegetables from our garden that the children have planted and cultivated. 

Our menus

Our Menu plan uses the feedAustralia program that enables us to ensure that we are serving meals that incorporate the requirements and recommendations of the Caring for Children Guidelines. When you enrol at Lollipops you will have access to the feedAustralia program this enables you to view the weekly or daily Menu. There are 100’s of menu ideas that you can trial at home and you will be able to see what meals your child has eaten by day or date. There is also an analytical graph to see the break down of various food groups we serve at the centre.

You will notice that our menu features cheese and apple daily after every lunch meal. Apple is served  to help cleanse the teeth as it is fibrous and acts like a tooth brush after eating.  While cheese is high in calcium promoting strong teeth and also helps to prevent acid build up from other foods which destroys tooth enamel.

Sample Menu

Allergies and Specific Meal Requests

Allergies are becoming more prevalent and varied so to protect our children Lollipops is a nut free environment. All our recipes have ingredients listed so if your child has an allergy we can prepare a meal specifically for him/her to ensure there is no allergic reaction. As you have access to our recipe data base it is also a great tool for you to use at home. In some cases children may develop an allergy to a certain food at an older age so having recipes with ingredients also assists families to define what the allergy is. All our staff are regularly trained in allergy and anaphylaxis management.

With our multicultural society we respect that some families do not permit certain foods to be eaten due to their beliefs or cultural up bringing. We will adjust your child’s meal accordingly to ensure that your wishes are complied with and your child is served only those foods you request. In some cases families also have specific meal choices such as vegan or vegetarian again we can design a meal to suit your preferences. 

feedAustralia was developed in consultation with Hunter New England Health and University of Newcastle to provide Australian early education and care services with a professional, practical and efficient way to plan and document their menus. feedAustralia incorporates the requirements and recommendations of the Caring for Children guideline. As part of your enrolment you have access to our feedAustralia program via your parent login giving you our menu recipes and information about your child’s diet. We are even able to upload recipes from your home which can be trialled at the centre.