Through your child we see our future and our future will be determined by your child belonging, being and becoming

Online Enrolment

Click to enrol Online. Easily complete your online enrolment application with our user friendly enrolment form. Upload required documents like birth certificates and immunisation status. Complete your child's routines and authorisations in one place.

Lollipops Parent Handbook

Download our Parent Handbook for more detailed information about Lollipops.

See what we do and how we do it.

Hubhello Parent Portal

Download Hubhello Parent Portal for an overview about our parent online access.
Instant information at your fingertips about your account - you and your child's profile- receive news and special articles. See how easy it is to update personal information about yourself and your child without filling in paper forms. You are instantly updated about what we are currently doing at the Centre.

Our Menu

When you enrol at our Centre you will have access to our menu plans for the Centre and your child. You can download recipes from our data base to trial at home and even upload recipes for us to test at the Centre. Each recipe has nutritional and ingredients information ideal for those who suffer allergies or have specific dietary requirements. You can even see how much you child has eaten during the day. Download a snap shot of what is available to you under the feedAustralia program at our Centre.

Educate With Story Park

Ever wondered what your child is up to today. We partner with the online Story Park educate program keeping you informed about what programs are being run at the Centre involving your child. You will have access to photos and videos about your child's progress and daily activities showing you how they are linked to the Early Years Learning Framework. We tailor Individual plans to suit your child's development which are easily accessible at anytime. You can invite family to be part of your child's learning journey, a fantastic way to be involved for those who have family overseas. Grandparents love being able to see in real time what their grand children are doing on a daily basis. Story park allows you to upload photos and also share with us information about your child. Story park is also available via download on the APP store or get it on Google Play making it even more accessible to family and friends. You can feel secure knowing that you are the gate keeper of who can and cannot have access to your child's day.