Through your child we see our future and our future will be determined by your child belonging, being and becoming

Our Rooms

Lollipops is divided into three major age group rooms Babies -Toddlers and Kindy. Each room is setup to provide stimulating environments to encourage your child’s learning journey through the use of specialised equipment and teaching aids specific to each age group. We incorporate both natural elements like wood and stone along with manufactured equipment and toys in all our indoor and outdoor areas to encourage your child’s imagination and creative learning.

Babies Age Group

Toddlers Age Group

Kindy Age Group

Our Babies Room caters for children aged between 6 weeks and 18 months. 

For most children this age will be the age of the FIRST’s . It will be the First time your child will smile at you, the First time your child will crawl, it is the time for the First steps and the First time he or she will feed themselves. This age is the time when babies achieve all those first milestones in their development that will be used in later years. The babies age is the age when parents are filled with anticipation about when their child will achieve each of the firsts and it is also the time when parents feel the most anxious if they feel their child is not meeting those firsts at the right time. 

Babies are unique individuals and develop at their own rate. Babies have their own language and communicate their wants and needs through crying and expression. Our educators are highly experienced in understanding baby language and each individuals pattern for feeding, sleeping and play. Our intentional teaching activities are planned around each child’s individual development stage and pattern. The activities we implement enhance your child’s sensory, hand eye co-ordination, physical strength, communication and encourage both social and emotional interaction with others. All children need to feel safe, secure and loved and with our babies that means lots of cuddles and individual attention to promote their development and well being.

Communication between our educators and families is a top priority throughout the centre and even more so with our babies age as this is the time for all the big firsts in your child’s life. 

Our Toddlers Room caters for children aged between 18 months and 3 years

Now that your child has reached most of the big First steps in their development they will start putting them into practise by beginning to explore their environment and test themselves. As they gain confidence in their abilities their curiosity is heightened for all things around them. They become more mobile and adept to climbing and balancing, they are able to communicate by using words and phrases and begin to develop strong social interactions and independence. 

This is the age of “Me and Mine”. As Toddlers Develop they form strong attachments testing the boundaries of others and our programs are designed to teach the value of sharing and cooperation through group play. We encourage independence and work with your child’s unique identity so that they develop friendships and gain confidence in their abilities as their interests expand. 

Our intentional teaching focuses on dramatic play, the creative arts, dance, language,co-ordination skills and social interaction both individually and in group settings. Your child’s progress is monitored and recording as part of our observation process and our educators use reflective practises to promote your child’s strengths and developmental opportunities. 

This is an exciting time in your child’s life and communication between educators and you is very important so that we can work together and share in your child’s progress.


Our Kindy Room caters for children aged between 3 years and school age children.

Our Kindy Room caters for children aged between 18 months and 3 years Questions questions questions. Your child has now reached the age of questioning. Kindy age children now begin to question their own sense of self and how they fit into the world around them. They are constantly questioning their own abilities and develop strong interests in areas that affect them. Kindy children love to be challenged often taking inspiration from their friends and family using them as their own.

Our educators curriculum draws on intentional teaching to develop your child’s skills in areas of language, maths, science, creative arts. music, motor skills and social development which are designed to assist them for when they begin the next stage of their education at school. 

Our daily program incorporates spontaneous teaching as our educators take inspiration from your child’s current interests to expand their knowledge and development. 

As with all our rooms your child’s progress is documented and reflected upon so that we are able to tailor specific programs suited to your child’s individual stage of development. 

Communication between educators and families is the key to ensuring your child’s learning journey ids full of excitement and challenges.


Our Educational Program

Our educational programs are tailored to suit each age group and within that age group your child’s individual program is developed based on our observations and your child’s learning pattern. Our educators combine intentional teaching which involves programming specific activities like learning to write or painting, dance and music with spontaneous teaching that incorporates your child’s current interests. Reflection is a key component of our programming so that we are able to successfully develop new and interesting projects for each child to ensure that all areas of their development remain in a progressive state.

When you become part of the Lollipops Family you will have access to our online education program “EDUCATE”. This is available to all families on all devices so you are able to view and participate in your child’s learning journey anywhere anytime. EDUCATE is where you will find all the observations that have been documented involving your child that concern his or her learning journey. You will see how those observations are linked to create daily activity plans for your child’s individual development and you will be able to view all the programs that your child has or will participate in at the centre. 

Most importantly the EDUCATE program allows families to provide feedback and participate in all aspects of their child’s learning journey with us.

At Lollipops our Schoolies program focuses on getting your child ready for the next step in their education at preschool. The Schoolies program is created after collaboration between our Early childhood teacher and Educational leader based in the Kindy room. We draw on current preschool teaching and learning practices to ensure your child is well equipped to start their next phase at school. Towards the end of the school year excursions to your school are conducted so that your child is comfortable with the transition and new environment. If you use our before or after school service our educators can assist with home work, projects or additional learning areas your child may need assistance with giving you more quality time at home.

Development Milestones

During your child’s early development years you may experience periods of anxiety about their progress in reaching specific milestones. All children are unique and have their own learning patterns and not all children will reach each major milestone at the same time. As our program at Lollipops captures your child’s learning journey we are able to focus on any areas that may require extra special attention to guide your child towards success. Not all children will reach each milestone at the same time as they are individuals and learn at their own pace.  The guide we reference as part of your child’s development is also part of the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards that we implement at the centre. At all times if you have any concerns about your child’s development we are here to help. Communication between your family and the centre is very important to us.